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Amrita Virdi

I could feel the colour leave me
Oil & collage on canvas

After finding a landscape painting at a thrift store, I immediately had a vision to collage it with two figures from a classical miniature Indian Painting, creating a story of space and energy.


Through animation, I decided to move the male figure as if the energy of the female is calling him. As he gets closer to her, he starts to glitch into the ether. The idea is that one cannot control anyone or anything. Everything belongs to the universe. The impermanence and transience of people is akin to becoming colourless.

Amrita Virdi (she/her) is a Mississauga based artist. She works in a Surrealist, Abstract Expressionist style, working in a wide range of mediums, often deployed through collage. Her work evokes illogical, dreamlike scenes which are narrative based and tell stories revolving themes of societal and cultural discourses. Amrita enjoys experimenting with colour and found images to create Surreal stories. 

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