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Ashley Beerdat
The Green Giant

Oil on Canvas
30 x 40

Artist Statement

In a small village lived a Green Giant so big that the earth trembled when he walked. The villagers were threatened by his large size and green skin, thinking he wanted to eat the humans. However, the Green Giant meant no harm and fed only on the nightmares of children. Each night he would stroll around catching their bad dreams and replacing them with pleasant ones. He stored all the wonderful and joyful dreams in a large tower protected by three magical fairies. One night, the pirates followed the Green Giant and discovered his rare gift. They sent an army ship to steal the good dreams for themselves. In order to protect the tower, the Green Giant released the nightmares among the pirates and the children of the village continued to have wondrous and delightful dreams.

Instagram: @ashleybeerdatart

Artist Biography 

Ashley Beerdat is a visual artist and community arts facilitator of Guyanese descent who grew up in Mississauga, ON. She graduated in 2019 from Western University, completing a BA in Criminology and Visual Arts and Art History. Beerdat is primarily self-taught and uses oil paint to construct fantastical worlds from her imagination. She explores themes of mythology, folklore and storytelling to navigate the world around her. Storytelling is intrinsic to her culture as Guyanese-Canadian. In 2020, she completed an artist residency at Visual Arts Mississauga Riverwood. Her work is held in Mississauga`s permanent corporate art collection and has been featured at PAMA and Artscape. Currently, Ashley has a solo exhibition with North York Arts.

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