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Breanne Jeethan

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Women's Health, Embroidery, 2020-21


A series of embroidered hoops representing ultrasound images of irregular tumours and cancer found in women. It’s too often that BIPOC women are victimized to medical racism. Misdiagnosed, feeling disrespected and not listened to, I’ve created a series of embroideries to stand in solidarity and extend my support for BIPOC women who are exploited to medical racism. Although the work is delicate and alluring, it also represents a tremendous amount of physical pain that is extremely triggering to millions of women. Many of these women you might know. A friend of a friend, a neighbor, or someone you briefly met. The web of threads are interconnected mirroring a mutual community. Each stitch represents sympathy and healing.

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VCR Artist Talk: Breanne Jeethan

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