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Bryce Coates

centre of balance series
Gouache and acrylic on board
$500.00 for the entire series

These paintings make up my balance series, a series of three paintings that focus on colour and geometric shapes. The goal of this series is centered on creating visually vibrant artworks that toy with the viewer's eyes through simplicity and colour. The visuals of the balance series were inspired by psychedelic posters of the 1970s. To achieve my goals, I chose to utilize a
combination of gouache and acrylic paints with a limited yet vibrant colour palette. The matte
finish of the gouache paint helps keep visible brushstrokes to a minimum which I hope will
allow the viewer to focus more on the visual structure of the paintings.

Bryce Coates is a recent graduate of the Art and Art History program offered by the University of Toronto Mississauga/Sheridan College. As an artist Bryce primarily works with video and painting. The artist was awarded the Faculty Award for Excellence in Painting 4 for his work in 2021.

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