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Luu, Catherine, PositiveNegative 1.jpg

Catherine Luu

Magazine scraps, scotch tape
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“PostiveNegative” is a series of magazine sheets connected with specific visuals relating to fashion. The concept behind the work is to portray a sense of aesthetic in what we would see as ‘scraps’. Positive and negative spaces are cut from figures, objects, and items to form abstract shapes. Each sheet and cutout are rendered in a manner where mixing and matching of the spaces are carefully organized to create a sense of unfamiliarity and abstraction. The function of magazines is normalized for reading and looking, when finished, the appreciation disappears, and the visuals go to waste. I want to create a large sheet of visuals in a sculptural form to signal the potential in the aesthetics of the imagery we tend to quickly overlook. Something that might be considered scrap may not be the case if one looks closely enough. A notion so simple can be beautiful.

Catherine Luu  is an undergraduate Art and Art History student at the UTM/ Sheridan College specializing in sculpture. She is interested in creating three-dimensional forms and installations by exploring, experimenting, and transforming magazine images, paper scraps, drawing, print media and collage. Her observant nature creates works surrounding memory, narrative, and storytelling.

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