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Emma Enright

Cotton, Wool

Embodying traditional weaving techniques I create contemporary handwoven art for interior spaces. I use a systematic order to create visual and sculptural designs. They evoke and contextualize ideas reminiscent of the natural world. Inspired by naturalistic forms, I use the thread intuitively when weaving. I include hand and machine stitch also in my textile designs. In my designs I pay close attention to detail such as color, texture, and shapes. Abstract shapes and lines are represented in my work.

Emma Enright is a textile artist and designer from Dundas, Ontario. Her current series of work investigates the materiality of textiles with a specific emphasis on weaving. Embodying traditional weaving techniques she creates contemporary handwoven artwork for interior spaces. Emma has received her Bachelor of Design, with a major in textiles from Ontario College of Art and Design University and continues to exhibit her work.

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