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Sekhon, Harleen, The Elephant in the Room.jpg

Harleen Sekhon 
The Elephant in the Room 

Acrylics on Canvas
24 x 36

Artist Statement 

In this project, I explored how digital procedure tools can be used as subjects in a traditional painting. Here I created a polygon portrait of an elephant where I first digitally created on procreate using the procedures of “auto straighten feature”, “colour selection”, “select, duplicate, horizontal flip for symmetry.”

I call this painting “The Elephant in the Room.” The elephant in this painting signifies as a statement of how endangered species are in high threat of extinction. The polygons that are separated from the elephant in the painting represents the elephant becoming extinct. Elephant populations are at risk because of habitat loss, ivory trade, and human-elephant conflict. I believe that we are aware about these issues in our world that are often not spoken about.

Instagram: @designbyharleen

Sekhon, Harleen, The Elephant in the Room, Close up 1.jpg
Sekhon, Harleen, The Elephant in the Room, Close up 2.jpg

Artist Biography 

Harleen Sekhon is in her final year studying at York University for her BSc degree majoring in Kinesiology & Health Sciences. She has kept her passion for visual arts since the age of five where she still continues to explore and create artworks in different mediums like drawings, digital art and paintings. She has a strong drive to make a positive impact to unite everyone together through arts & culture. Harleen continues to keep her love for visual arts alongside her education in health and sciences.

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