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Liaw, Jasmine, plastic climbs2.png

Jasmine Liaw
plastic climbs

Video Stills
24 x 48
$1000 each 


Artist Statement 

As a multiracial woman, ‘plastic climbs’ is a personal artwork that represents the complexity I feel within my identity. Integrating movement with transparent material such as plastic, emulates feelings of exposure, vulnerability, and even the sensorial relationship that is experienced with somatic layers. I’m navigating my sense of self through dance-technology; reclaiming ideas of sensuality and delicacy through the ownership of my body. My experiences are contemporary   within my own diasporic understanding of my Asian culture.

Instagram: jasmineliaw_

Liaw, Jasmine, plastic climbs1.png

Artist Biography 

Jasmine Liaw is an emerging Chinese-Canadian interdisciplinary artist in dance performance, new media art, and film. Bicoastal, she lives and works in so-called Toronto and Vancouver. Within her practice, she hopes to expand her knowledge in documenting movement, and experiment with the human body as a vessel for versatile art forms. As an emerging artist, Jasmine is compelled to explore her curiosities within the realm of her own colour-tinged emotions and experiences. In 2020, she graduated with Distinction at the Conteur Academy in Toronto, under the artistic direction of Eryn Waltman.

Her film work has been screened in the F-O-R-M Festival of Recorded Movement in Vancouver (Canada), Green Mountain International Film Festival (USA), Aeris Körper’s PROSPECTS (Canada), The Garage Toronto (Canada), and The Holy Art Gallery (UK). She premiered her first digital dance installation in Toronto on #CovidDanceHug, a broadcast produced by Kylie Thompson, while working as a digital assistant and commissioned artist.


Her education in the Integrated Media program at OCAD University is supported by the BC Excellence Scholarship and the BC Achievement Scholarship. Her works have been published in Purple Glow Collective Toronto's Bloom Festival, Quarantine Qapsule partnered with Emily Carr University Library, and Withintensions Magazine. Since graduating from Conteur, Jasmine has presented several original finalist and commissioned artworks that include her own choreography, performance, film direction, projection design, editing, installation design, multi-media printmaking, and poetry.

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