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Yang Jing Han Grandparents Bed.jpeg

Jing Han Yang

Grandparents' Bed
Bed sheets, digital print and embossing on cotton paper

I am a multi-media artist, working with both fine arts and craft techniques to create sculpture-based work. I mainly work with print, and through interjection of other media allows my work to take on a three dimensional form. My works exist to be monumental and strange, begging its viewers for attention in a visually oversaturated world. Through material experimentation, my work often expands into maximalist forms, becoming a product of a memory. Grandparent’s Bed speaks about my relationship with a younger version of myself and my grandparents. Only through this mechanical process of casting and embossing was I able to not only better understand where I picked up many of my coping mechanisms, but reflect on how much of my memory is based on touch.

Jing Han Yang is an artist and instructor whose work focuses on the convergent point between craft and fine arts, combining human autonomy with industrialized production. Yang is heavily influenced by both traditional and contemporary East Asian culture, growing up in China amongst the diaspora in North America.

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