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Kasra Goodarznezhad
Evolving Maps

Multi-Media Installation
This work was supported by the Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts.


Artist Statement

Maps depict a singular power. This power dictates to us what is "true" and what is worthy of being recorded as "fact." Maps become aggressive demonstrations of legacies that work themselves over both our physical and inner worlds. We see our world within the limits of how it has been shown to us by those powerful enough to believe that it is their world/view worthy of record. The "truth" has been what they decided it would be.

Evolving Maps installation is created by training an AI (neural network) system to generate maps based on a dataset of the artist’s hand drawn maps, as well as hand drawn maps submitted by the members of the QTBIPOC community through a call for submission. This work is funded by the Canada and Ontario Arts Council and was exhibited at Kunstraum Bethanien, in Berlin, Germany in October 2021.


Artist Biography 

Kasra Goodarznezhad (Cassraa) is a new media artist based in Toronto. His focus is Performance and Installation. Kasra graduated from OCADu’s Integrated Media program in 2020, winning his major's medal, and has co-founded 2 Ontario based collectives, Komite and Displaced.

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