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Aziz, Khadija, Papercut, Pattern, Play 1.jpg

Khadija Aziz
Paper, Pattern, Play 

Construction papers, photo scanner, After Effects, projector, acrylic, acetate.

Artist Statement 

Papercut, Pattern, Play is an interactive installation that invites audiences to engage with and become part of the art. The five-minute animation that plays on a loop was created using hand-cut repeat patterns on paper in constant motion, moving around and in on themselves to suggest new possibilities of shapes, patterns, and images. This animation is projected onto a wall, and there is a plinth in front of it with three acrylic cubes resembling playing blocks. These cubes are lined with intricate repeat patterns on red, green, and blue acetates. Each colour holds patterns designed by hand, using a flatbed scanner, and PhotoShop. When audiences pick up the cubes, disassemble, reassemble, and move them around, their actions will introduce shadows or new colours by refracting light to the animation and the nearby spaces. The audience has the agency to change the visuals of the installation that future visitors will experience.

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Artist Biography 

Khadija Aziz is a textile and digital artist based in Toronto and Montréal, investigating patterns, materials, and processes. Her art has been exhibited in Ontario, Québec, Australia, and Austria. She is the recipient of the 2020 Craft Ontario’s Shanks Memorial Award in Textiles and Surface Design Association’s Creative Promise Award.

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