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"My goal as an artist is to showcase the magic of everyday life through striking and ethereal images and films. I try to photograph like a poet and take my viewers on a visual journey of the world that only exists for a few fleeting seconds between each shutter snap.


By using the world as my canvas, I try to capture the beauty within the mundane, and focus on documenting overlooked and underappreciated spaces. With this, I can integrate themes of discovery and stewardship inside my work, by giving my viewers a chance to stop and experience the elegance of their surroundings, and understand why they need to be explored and protected."

Marlon Porter is a Mississauga based photographer and Filmmaker specializing in capturing the little moments of magic hidden within the poetry of everyday life. He is a 2022 Marty’s Award winner, with work being awarded in both the 2021 Smithsonian Photo Competition and the 2020 International Photography Awards. His inspiration comes from the elegance of nature, the intricacies of the human experience, and the stunning spectacle of the world around him.





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