Nikki Natnat

Nikki Nat.jpg


Newspaper, zipper, glue and thread


Growing up and being born into a middle-eastern country as a Filipino, the idea of home has always been far away or foreign to Natnat's life. Carried is a manifestation of the nomad-reality of most of her childhood to adolescent life - a work born from the concept of coming from many places and 'not having one place'. This piece is a wearable artwork in a form of a backpack made with a traditional Filipino hand weaving technique using strips of newspaper or “Balita” (Tagalog word for “news”). The zipper is placed by the lower part of the bag’s front, in dedication to her mother who carried and gave birth to her through C-section surgery, which is specifically why the slit is placed at the lower front of the bag. In situ, the artwork is worn by the artist as she proclaims that only then will the artwork be truly at home. Now a citizen of Canada, Natnat continues to carry her identity of place everywhere she goes and pushes to honour the knowledge that has been passed down from parents and those before her through her works and art.

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