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Olivia Aguiar
Feeling Everything All The Time

Acrylic, Photo Transfer on Canvas
53 x 38 

Artist Statement 

The fabricated residue of late-stage capitalism, both the Ghost net (abandoned fishing net in the open sea) and the Internet exist in the margins between "synthetic" and "natural." In painted collages, reconstructed bodies navigate domestic, underwater and digital spaces as I explore the ghost net as a proxy for life online. The sea junk the net scoops up is analogous to the proliferation of digital debris online. Human bodies caught in the (inter) net's sweep are the fishy organisms subject to pleasure, comfort, violence, and slow death. Participators of the Internet exist now as images, silicone and flesh caught in a web of jpegs, plastic, and sea junk. I propose a webby ontology; no more fighting net-being.

Instagram: @0liviaaguiar


Artist Biography 

Olivia Aguiar is born, raised and working in Tkaronto. Olivia uses painting, digital, and craft mediums to pick apart the contemporary relationship between digital and embodied life. Olivia is currently attending OCAD University acquiring her BFA in Drawing and Painting, with minors in Gender and Sexuality and Creative Writing.

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