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McLean, Paula, Fissure 1.jpg

Paula McLean 

Resin, inkjet images, mirror
9 x 12

Artist Statement 

Interested in the way in which the mind creates meaning by retrospectively selecting and arranging moments and memories from lived experience, my work explores the ways in which ephemeral gestures become concretized through painting, drawing, and sculpture/installation. Recently, my practice has been focused on isolating and extracting features of distorted photocopies and handheld scans. Beginning with an initial impermanent and transient movement of the hand shifting an image on the surface of a scanning bed, followed by the subsequent manipulation and reproduction of the resulting distorted images, the abstract forms within the scans undergo both material and contextual transformation. While my paintings serve to combine the disparate, temporal forms produced from the scanner by arranging them in a structural, architectonic way, my three-dimensional work translates the negative space of the extracted forms into a physical, material object, becoming a solidified trace of both time and movement.

Artist Biography 

Born in Sarnia, Ontario, Paula McLean received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio Art with a specialization in painting from Concordia University in 2017.  A recent MFA graduate at the University of Waterloo, she has exhibited at several regional galleries including Patel Brown, Hearth and the plumb in Toronto

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