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BogertShannon_Cube (Series).jpg

Shannon Bogert

Glass, solder, recycled fabric, polyfill

In the years of developing my work as an undergraduate student, I have gravitated towards a focus on viewer interaction, material nature, and material history and consumption. My observations of how viewers have reacted to my previous work is influential in the formal decisions of my current work. This exploration has led me to an interest in the tactility of each material, as well as the responses resulting from merging contrasting materials. By focusing on my interests surrounding materiality, it is my intent to create work that stimulates the viewer's curiosity in similar ways to my own. In this series, my intention is to interfere with the sense of touch, forcing the tactility to be understood through the sense of sight and existing understanding of the contained materials.

Shannon Bogert is a twenty-one year old undergraduate student in the Art and Art History program at the University of Toronto, Mississauga. Conscious of her ecological footprint, Shannon works with recycled fabrics. Self-educated in sewing and pattern making, Shannon enjoys creating forms that suit the themes of her work.

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