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Diwata is a Filipino term for deity or nature spirit.

At the base of the figure, the words “dayawa sia” are painted in Baybayin script. “Honour them.” A reminder to honour the sacredness within us and the passing of time that blesses all things in nature. Art, prayer and memory can momentarily pause our relationship with time, while Nature reminds us of the reality that all things will eventually wither. 
Human-made creations may appear to stand the test of time but even golden things are ultimately impermanent. 

The decaying process of this piece offers a lesson in acceptance and presence. A moment of stillness in a world that is constantly moving. An invitation to find beauty in the journey through life and death.

T.J. Banate/ The Noise Witch explores the boundaries of reality and identity, while drawing inspiration from pre-colonial Filipino history, Spirituality, and their personal experiences. These works are intended to spark self-inquiry and curiosity through the use of mixed-mediums and surreal forms.




Pocky Squeeze, Graphite on Paper, 2018, 9.5 x 12 inches

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