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Tyler Matheson 

Tiling grout and holographic paper on canvas
10 x 12

Artist Statement 

 I am interested in divulging and collaborating with personal and shared experiences of feeling queer. My body of work serves as an aesthetic and material investigation of the performativity of othered bodies, identities, and visibility. The process of becoming and adapting to surroundings is conceptually and experientially present in my work. When creating work, I carefully consider how it will be viewed, and ‘perform’ accordingly. By choosing materials that have the visual capability to shift and transform their appearance depending on the viewer’s body and position in relation to the work, I create a spatial dynamism where each individual’s experience is uniquely their own—where the viewer and the work are reliant on each other. In this codependent performance, the gallery becomes a site where viewers can be projected into queer liminal space—a bridge between worlds. This interaction creates potential for intersectional connections of otherness—a coalescence of shared human experiences.

This work was supported by the Ontario Arts Council.

Instagram: tylermatheson.jpg


Artist Biography 

Tyler Matheson (he/him) is a queer interdisciplinary research-based artist, educator, and culture worker residing in the territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit, Seneca and Huron-Wendat, known as Mississauga, ON. Tyler holds an MFA in Visual Art from the University of Waterloo and a BFA from York University.

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