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Vincy Lim 
Self Love

Tufting (rug making) on canvas, with paint marker and pencil crayon

Artist Statement 

Through graphic memoirs and fictional stories grounded in the realities of today's marginalized groups, Vincy produces works that emphasize on loving yourself, healing, and the recovery process. As a recent escapee of abuse and attempted murder, Vincy wishes to highlight the ability to move onwards and feel content with one's life despite their past or current situations. Their work heavily focuses on community care for (multi-)marginalised people and specifically centres around recovery in particular to those who have faced trauma or who also identify as survivors.

Instagram: @kiwimii


Artist Biography

Vincy Lim is a Chinese-Canadian non-binary sapphic disabled illustrator and award winning cartoonist for "God Sees Me Crying in the Bathroom Stall.” Vincy's publication "The Devil Haunts Us All" was featured in the exhibition, "This House, Made and Mended by Unbelonging Hands" by Riverdale Curatorial Projects. Their solo exhibition, "All My Friends Are Straight" was featured in the OCADU Learning Zone.

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