VAM's Creative Residency (VCR)

VAM’s Creative Residency (VCR) is an opportunity for emerging artists in Mississauga to participate in a 6 month exhibitions program with a focus on mentorship and professional development. Residents have access to VAM’s art centre to develop their skills in art exhibition, education and engagement. 

VCR 3 Residents:

Amanda Kung, Breanne Jeethan, James Legaspi, Karim Machado-Aman, Madelyn Rotella

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friend of a friend is an online exhibition created by Visual Arts Mississauga's 2020-21 Creative Residents. The artwork presented is inspired by the social and creative connections that shape our artistic practices, our identities, and our evolving narratives.

friend of a friend is on exhibition at the

Small Arms Inspection Building from 

September 8-27, 2021.


Visit the show from Tuesday-Friday 10 am-6 pm and Saturday 10am-2 pm.

Look out for this QR code at the friend of a friend exhibition to learn more about the artwork on display!

VCR Artist Talks

James Legaspi is an emerging Filipino-Canadian multimedia artist currently completing an undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto and Sheridan College, living and working in Brampton, Ontario. Recent activity includes work exhibited at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto and Gallery 44, and curatorial work at the Blackwood Gallery. Legaspi is currently completing an internship at Vtape and a residency with Visual Arts Mississauga. Check out James’ work in friend of a friend, on exhibition at

friend of a friend in the Virtual Gallery


Breanne Jeethan

VCR Instagram


Thank you!

VAM's Creative Residency 3 is generously supported by the Community Foundation of Mississauga.