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Christi Anne Abraham. Installation View. 2023. Visual Arts Mississauga 

Christi Anne Abraham. Allan's Hummingbird. 2021. Watercolour and Mixed Media. 8 x 10 

Christi Anne Abraham.  Barn Owl. 2021. Watercolour and Mixed Media. 9 x12

Christi Anne Abraham. Maratus Volans Peacock Spider. 2023. Watercolour and Mixed Media. 5 x 7 

Christi Anne Abraham. Flamingo Tongue Snail. 2023. Watercolour and Mixed Media. 8 x 10

Christi Anne Abraham. Maratus Speciosus Peacock Spider. Watercolour and Mixed Media. 5 x 7

Growing up near a rain-forest, and helping my father show tourists the coral reefs of Trinidad and  Tobago, I quickly became obsessed with all the fishes, birds, and beetles in my backyard. My passion for  nature has led me to explore the beauty of these creatures through an artistic lens. I use neon watercolour  paint, white acrylic paint, colour pencil and ink to capture each tiny detail, showcasing the unique  characteristics, from the vibrant colors and patterns of the peacock spiders and the flamingo tongue  worm, to the delicate feathers of a barn owl and hummingbird. As an artist, I want to shine a light on a diverse and complex world we often overlook or can't even see. I hope my paintings can inspire others to  take action to protect and preserve nature for future generations.


The Alligator's Apology. Written by Dela Muhundarajah and Illustrated by Christi Anne Abraham

Christi Anne Abraham. Rough Drafts and Orginal Paintings for The Alligator's Apology. 2022. Watercolour on Sketchbook. 

Christi Anne Abraham is a self-taught Caribbean Canadian artist who uses acrylic, watercolour, and  digital media to create nature illustrations and fine art. Christi is a muralist for Mississauga Arts Council, the illustrator of 'The Alligator’s Apology' written by Dela Muhundarajah, a resident emerging artist and  art instructor at Visual Arts Mississauga, and a member of SONSI. Christi is also a Mississauga Arts  Awards Finalist in the Traditional Visual Arts - Emerging category. 

You can find one of her paintings at the 'Art a la carte' Exhibit in the The Legislative Assembly of Ontario  building until August 30th 2023, as well as the 'Why Do You Create?' Exhibit in VAM until June 30th 2023.

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