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Hannah, Choi_A Dream is Just a Dream(_).jpg

A Dream is Just a Dream(?)
Hannah Choi

Acrylic on Canvas

Do you have that little voice in your heart too? The one you try and push away because, truly, A Dream is Just a Dream.


I find myself weighted down helplessly. Like bloody hands filled with guilt for enjoying what your heart loves but your mind fears. “Surely this dream is just a phase.” “I’ll definitely hate it if art becomes my job.” “It’s selfish to pursue art in a financially struggling family.” “You’re not even that good at art.” Excuses become a coping mechanism. But as time becomes scarce, I slowly become haunted by the scariest question, “what if?”


I constantly stand in a dilemma between washing that little voice away and keeping her. On days I cry out of frustration at my balanced cowardice and rationalized logic, I paint. And that tiny voice tells me that a Dream is Just a Dream in a completely different way

Hannah Choi (Choigoh) is a third year CS student minoring in Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo. She is constantly explore various mediums across the digital to traditional spectrum. Her most notable artistic achievement was being represented at the #MyPandemicStory exhibition held at the ROM (2021-2022).

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