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What Lies Ahead
Dee Verma

Charcoal on Newsprint

Comprising of twelve charcoal drawings, What Lies Ahead depicts corpses burning on open-air pyres. Exploring the theme of mortality, the choice of materiality also plays a vital role as the impermeant nature of newsprint represents the temporality of human existence. What Lies Ahead is a project that encourages me to confront and accept death, my own and that of the people around me.

Busy in our urbanized lives, it is often easy to forget about our end, a universal fate we all share. Constantly in my head and busy with my life, I fail to check in on my loved ones. I give the excuse of not having time, but by the time I finally have time for them, their time may be up.

Made to be seen as future portraits, the twelve pyre drawings serve as a constant reminder of my own demise, that of my loved ones, and those who hurt me. Everyone and everything will meet its final destination in due time, both good and bad. And with it, I hope to love for longer and forgive quicker, both myself and others.

Dee Verma is an emerging Canadian mixed-media artist based in Brampton, Ontario. She has earned an Art fundamentals certificate and a Visual and Creative Arts diploma from Sheridan College. She is currently studying to earn an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto and a Diploma in Art & Art History from Sheridan College. Her work ranges from traditional art and printmaking to collage, abstraction, textile, and textured art. Her practice involves using charcoal, ink, watercolour, and acrylic paint. 

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