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TopherD'Penha PortobelloBoy.jpg

Portobello Boy
Topher D'Penha

Plasticine & Digital

My work is often a blend of plasticine figures and digital media, emphasizing a blend of realities, worlds, identities, and experiences. Portobello Boy finally opens their 3rd eye and discovers the blends of realities they contain within themselves.


I started using plasticine as part of my process to capture the right angles and lighting for references and one day just decided to give my tiny process models a chance in the spotlight as well. I also enjoy using bright pops of colour and engaging textures which are sometimes similar to the blend of identities and worlds I experience on a day to day basis

Topher D'Penha is a queer identifying South Asian artist, avid home chef, and a friend to cats everywhere. His creations are an outlet for his passions of cooking (and eating), and feline creatures. Topher also likes long walks down to the lakeshore, drawing funky things, and outdoor activities

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