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Sofia Sue-Wah-Sing. The Tunnel. Installation View. 2023. Visual Arts Mississauga

The Tunnel is a series of photographs that depict a psychological phenomenon in which I recede into myself, disassociating from the world around me. It represents deep and anxious rumination and the chaos of spiraling thoughts.


Sofia Sue-Wah-Sing. Black Box. Installation View. 2023. Visual Arts Mississauga

Sofia Sue-Wah-Sing. Black Box. Detail. 2023. 

The Black Box in psychology represents the unseen mental processing that occurs between the reception of a stimulus and a behavioral output. It represents the mystery of the mind. In this installation piece, called Black Box, I use the Black Box as a symbol for investigating the unseen processes of my own mind, trying to make sense of the cycle between calm and chaos that I have become trapped in. 

Sofia Sue-Wah-Sing is an Ontario-based artist and graduate of the University of Toronto Mississauga’s art and art history program. They work in analog and digital photography, collage, painting, and printmaking, exploring topics related to identity, psychology, and the entanglements between the personal and political.

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