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Catherine Luu
Extreme Collage

Cardstock, magazine cut-outs, double-sided tape, glue, wire, turnbuckles, music
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Artist Statement 

“Extreme collaging” is a series of ripped and cut pieces of cardstock and magazine clippings overlapping on top of one another into a form of visual covers. The piece is inspired by my hobby of journaling and how I envision specific music, artists, and songs. I utilized specific colour palettes, symbols, and styles to create moods and emotions. Sounds of soft music from my personal playlists became prominent elements. The extreme aspect of this sculpture is all in collaging, as the paper clippings are consistently stacked and connected in every direction to fabricate an imperfect, incomplete, and impermanent nature of collage. It is also very rewarding to watch as the development of each new visual comes to life. There is an opportunity for it to keep evolving rather than keeping a static form, much like how an artist’s realized personal style keeps on evolving through various developments in one’s life.

Instagram: @coffeetealou


Artist Biography 

Catherine is an undergraduate Art and Art History student at the UTM/ Sheridan College specializing in the field of sculpture. She is interested in the notion of creating art from paper scraps by collaging. She love to explore and experiment with many types of visual arts and media.

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