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Shannon, Bogert, All Except Your Second Nature.jpg

All Except Your Second Nature
Shannon Bogert


All Except Your Second Nature is an abstracted visual representation of emotional inheritance. Beginning as an investigation into the similarities between my behaviour and habits and those of my father, this work embodies the process of accepting characteristic flaws in my father while also acknowledging some of the same flaws within myself. The works visual similarities speak to the characteristics - both positive and negative - that keep me tied to my father. The works visual discrepancies speak to the feelings of resentment that I feel while considering the negative behaviours and habits of my father that I frequently hope to avoid.

Shannon Bogert is a twenty-two year old Alumni of the Art and Art History program at the University of Toronto, Mississauga and Sheridan College. Recently, Shannon is thinking introspectivly while critically considering her position in regards to harmful family relations, the reentrance of childhood trauma, and inconclusive views on existence, life, and death.

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