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Donny, Nie_Solar.jpg

Donny Nie

Oil paint and cold wax on wood panel

Painting is the matrix within my interdisciplinary practice, a device to process time in various rhythms: stretch one mark into an animation, or condense one memory to an impression. My research ponders painting as a virtual identity, a persona with encoded privacy and portals of disclosure. The abstraction incorporates subtle figurative scaling in brushstrokes (fingertip, tongue, pupil, etc.) to draw attention onto a sensual experience.


The paintings retain their previous life through accumulated paint skins from my palettes. As these organic archives build up physically, they deteriorate from my memory gradually. The mark making processes merged liminal spaces, responds to my migration across landscapes and environments. Via transformation in both optical and chemical states, the alchemy of my artwork exemplifies a state of proximity to commemorate potentials in living. I am driven by an obsession with transparency as a metaphor, to pick up and dissolve invisible boundaries.

Donny Nie (b. 1997) is a Chinese-Canadian painter and interdisciplinary artist. She received an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a BFA from OCAD University. She is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Studio Art Department at University of North Texas.

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