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Nie Donny_Raindrop.jpg

Donny Nie 

Digital Projection on Oil Painting
36 x 48

Artist Statement 

From large-scale oil painting, monotype, digital projection, to small-scale ceramic and glass form, my interdisciplinary abstractions coalesce to manifest an intuitive, gestalt experience. My mediums examine proximity as a visual and metaphorical instrument to simplify or complicate information over different courses of materialities, and eventually inform each other in the same exhibition space.


Painting is the matrix of my practice, my device to process time in various paces: stretch one mark to an animation, or reduce one memory to an impression. My research ponders  painting as a virtual identity, a persona with encoded privacy and portals of disclosure. My paintings maintain a rectangular format to construct a framework for my sculptures: my brushstrokes in an immersive space, to break the conventions as a means to violate, exceed, or liberate.

My prints and digital images focus on the exhaustion and exuberance of a two dimensional imagery, through an accumulative illusion illustrating an overwhelming potential in composition. My sculptures meditate singular gestures, contextualize a brushstroke by projecting it into a three-dimensional capacity. They are aspiring objects suspended between paradoxical states: an abstraction that is a molten physicality, an illusion of ephemerality that crystallizes to pursue permanence. Via transformation in both optical and chemical states, mystified alchemy of my artwork draws attention onto a sensual experience to exemplify the state of proximity. I am driven by an obsession with transparency as a metaphor to capture the impossibles, the invisibles, the ethereality. The works materialize as a desire to archive, control, and situate within an ever-changing time.

Instagram: @donny.nie_art

Artist Biography 

Donny Nie (b.1997) is a Chinese-Canadian interdisciplinary artist. She holds a BFA from OCAD University and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


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