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Breathe the Burn

Danielle Vincent

Oil on canvas paper

I portray the tension between absence and presence of human life to capture the feeling of a liminal space on a flat surface. I paint to conjure the feeling of the space rather than a faithful rendering of its physical characteristics. The ghostly figure is a threshold symbolic of transformation, from which I provide an entrance and exit to a story that invokes familiarity, longing and estrangement.


I primarily work in oil paint to achieve a depth of colour, darkness and luminescence. I carefully layer my paint to capture the atmosphere of the environment and use decisive brushstrokes that emphasize the dramatic lighting in the scene. The canvas texture that remains visible through the paint creates tension between the depth illusion of the painted image and its physical presence as an object

Danielle Vincent is a fine artist based in Toronto and Oakville who specializes in oil painting. She will graduate in 2024 with a BFA in Drawing and Painting from OCAD. Vincent has exhibited her work across Ontario and has been awarded Juror’s Choice and Best In Show in multiple exhibitions

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