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Max Ocampo - one day you too will bloom.jpg

one day you too will bloom
Max Ocampo Estribí

New media

"Bloom" serves as a vent artwork, stemming from the emotional complexities of growing up as an LGBTQ+ individual. The challenges of self-discovery and the journey of transitioning made facing my reflection on the mirror more difficult. Yet, the anger and sadness that came out from those experiences fueled a sense of hope in me and a clear end goal appeared. Despite the struggles and inner turmoil along the way, I believe it's possible to eventually feel comfortable in one's own skin.


Through photography, photo editing, and digital art, I feel I’ve encapsulated my transformative journey in these few frames of animation. The deliberate choice of colors and imagery serves to establish an empathetic connection with LGBTQ+ community, conveying a message of hope. With this artwork I aim to assure others that one day they will bloom too.

Max Ocampo is a Panamanian artist who ventured to Canada to study Visual Arts. Here he expanded his skills: painting, sculpting, drawing, and digital artistry. When he is not working as a graphic designer, his true artistic spirit comes alive, exploring themes of sexuality, human motivation, and self-discovery through his craft.

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