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Golden Hour
Christi Anne Abraham

Mixed Media


Golden hour is a medical term for the first hour after a serious injury, during which treatment is life saving. This is the title of my installation showcasing one of the most rare and critically endangered animals on our planet.


Created with watercolour, acrylic paint, and pyrography, the Amur Leopard is hidden behind burned and torn pages repaired with gold leaf. Symbolizing the great value and importance this animal has for our natural world, and how rapidly they are disappearing because of their monetary worth. Underneath will be a description stating "Amur Leopard" Population 84. Next to this painting is a copper mirror hanging up with twine (the opposite of luxury), depicting anyone who walks by. Underneath the mirror is "Human" population 8,084,814,823.


I hope that this installation will inspire people to speak up for our planet, and save these critically endangered animals before the "golden hour" is over, and it will be too late

Christi Anne Abraham is a self-taught Caribbean Canadian artist who uses mixed-media to create fine art inspired by nature. She is also a muralist for Mississauga Arts Council, a children's book illustrator, art instructor at Visual Arts Mississauga and The Art Gallery of Mississauga, and a member of SONSI

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